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Real Russian or Ukrainian Women only

A regular dating site has a regular mission to keep its business in a good level, but there is one agency that is distinguished from others: You can wonder – is there anything special? Or may be they can praise by numerous happy ending stories? Or probably there is someone who can estimate their high marriage statistic? Their goal is different from earning money, their goal is to help people to find each other, they assist them for it, act as a buffer between people when something goes wrong, working out all the misunderstandings due to mentality, language or others. It is not a simple job but UaDreams have gained the position of the largest match-making operator in Ukraine!

If you ask who they are, the answer is - professional and friendly staff, who provides high quality and outstanding service, reliability and confidentiality. Remember: to become the best they never forget that online dating mission is to join hearts. And, of course, they do everything possible to create best conditions to do that. More than 10 years experience they had – that means a reputation of a reliable and first class dating agency has been well established. Almost every month dozens of clients come to their branches in Ukraine. The majority of them find their pretty Ukrainian and Russian wives with the help of the agency. What is more, 95% of clients are satisfied with the level of services! If do not believe - you can read their testimonials and find more about married couples who got acquainted on this site.

Variety of women

Let's speak about digits. The main Gallery of the website gives about 1000 single Ukrainian and Russian women from 13 cities of Ukraine.

Supposedly other agencies may have more than 40,000 but that’s the evident reason – no chances fornon-serious ones! That is why - no need to look through thousands of profiles. Go to the Gallery and choose any lady, you can be sure: she is also searching for something missing in her life - her beloved.

By the way, it is important to strictly monitor and choose the girls to accept to the agency. Indeed lady's matrimonial status and background is to be checked as well. Besides all possible efforts should be made to protect you from any kind of scam.

Comprehensive information about every Woman

Lots of beautiful photos on pages but its hard to stop and it takes lot of hours to find the proper your type. UaDreams offers good profile with essential information about each lady, it is posted in an easy-reading way, so to know each lady will be a pleasure for you. In addition you may look through more high-quality photos!

Do not spend hours by watching smiling beautiful faces. The advanced search with lots of categories that increases your chances to find the proper lady. For example: Height, Weight, Eyes, Hair, Build, Keyword, Children, Want children, Glasses, Religion, Drink, Smoke, Education, Zodiak, Field of work - they will help to indicate your type and distinguish them among others as well as to speed up your online search in main base.

Fresh Women faces Every Week

In case your insatiable appetite is not calm down by those wonderful ladies, you can always be impressed by fresh ones. So don’t despair, each day wait impatiently for1-2 new ladies on UaDreams! You can be the first who send them a letter. Besides, if you like to be online for hours, thats easy for you to observe news. Anyway, you may visit the website from time to time in order to stay well informed, you can receive any urgent notification. Be sure: UaDreams have established a reputation of a reliable and first-class socializing service.

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Social like find your date

The website is bright and vivid, dynamic features make it user-friendly like social networks!

So you can see – the choice is the greatest, and categories will help you to make it easier as it may seem. Very convenient to use search tools to find your date: just click on each bar and select the necessary notion, several seconds – and you get best result!

Once you get into lady's profile you will be able to look through public photos and basic information. Is easy to add the lady to the list of Favorites. This will give her the priority to be in easy contact.

HD Quality video chat

To make the distance shorter – video chat option is the best way to see the image, to type the text or even to hear the voice.

High quality program will help to enjoy this advantage without any problems: fast loading, easy settings and convenient using. You may use PC or any modern device compatible Mac or Android OS, whatever – the programmers will please you with the new applications. Moreover you will never care about the translation – it goes simultaneously during conversation, confirmed by UaDreams professional interpreters department.

Pricing is lower than our Quality

One of the most important thing is pricing. The prices are fully justified. Have you got any doubts? As you can check – the UaDreams company is very big and they have a lot of branches all over Ukraine. A great deal of clients are from all parts of the world and they have a big number of Ukrainian ladies as well. All services for the ladies are for FREE. They don't have to pay for correspondence forwarding, translation, internet, video and photo shooting.

It should be mentioned, the company has to pay for the site support, offices rent, internet, office equipment, salaries to our numerous staff. It all cost money. Ukraine has quite high prices in the market of goods and real estate market as well! You probably won't believe but some goods cost really more here than in US or EU. The prices in Ukraine are almost the same as in Western Europe and US.

Anyway, if to compare, the majority of other agencies have more expensive services.

Skilled and polite Translation to/from Russian

This is wonderful if a lady can speak foreign language! Well, I will try to explain what to do if she does not. Of course, you may get acquainted with many interesting ladies, some of them can speak English fluently, some of then - not bad or can understand somehow at least. But one point should be mentioned: UaDreams gives a chance to create a couple to each lady. So if they distinguish all ladies with perfect skills of foreign language - what about the others? It will be unfair.

Besides, they offer great choice of services for your lady: translation and interpreter service, Foreign language courses, private lessons, etc. You cannot even imagine how good they are in their job! Besides, if you have any concern, you may contact their support center – they react immediately!

And as a rule, if it is a right person you need - you can easily communicate even if there is any language barrier. You must understand that each Ukrainian woman has her own character and that what works for one won't necessarily work for another. Think about the person you will feel comfortable with and they will help you to resolve any language difficulties.

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Payment Identification Information Security

Don't be afraid of your privacy while giving you personal information even if it is about profile filling or card payment details. Let me tell you that it goes to the main attitude of other clients, developing this business and the whole reputation of the agency as well.

You can use credit card, debit card (Visa or/and Master Card), Western Union or Bank Transfer option. Be sure: each personal information is confidential and no one will use it for any business profit. We care about each our client, we don't sell neither use our customer's personal information for any other profits.

Besides we really hope you foster our website innovations as we care about safety and guarantee even of all payment operations. As you can guess we aimed to make every our client satisfied. As it goes to our clients' attitude and our reputation as well. See Uadreams consumer report

Known Cons — disadvantages

Of course, UaDreams cannot be the perfect match-making agency. You can understand that there is no way they can be good for everyone. There always will be some people dissatisfied either with service or, trust us, they can find something not to like :) Some of such disadvantages are the pricing – above the average and not so big choice of ladies as grand branches have.

One more thing to mention, the clients rapidly are unceasing. But the website interface has two languages only – English and German. So, probably, in future we consider to wait any other upgrades.

Conclusion of review

There are no guarantees nowadays, as you may understand any business is under the pressure of perspective of bankruptcy (i.e. financial, political crisis, etc.). Yes, such websites are not the charity organizations, they do earn money from it, but it is not the goal. UaDreams has a big number of employees who need wages, offices to pay rent, pay bills to programmers and stuff. There are no simple things there.

But all of that above can prove that UaDreams has a goal different from earning money, this goal is to help people to find each other, they assist them for it, act as a buffer between them when something goes wrong, working out all the misunderstandings due to mentality, language or others.

You know, this is a responsibility of a high level, the staff can give you guarantee. Afterwards you may communicate with this lady without the help of the agency – this is great! And if you intended to engage with the beloved one - take an opportunity to come to Ukraine and visit different branches during one trip - it is convenient as you may arrange meetings with several ladies as well! You get what you try. You can talk by letters but sometimes one meeting force you to make the right decision.

I cannot say what is the exact motivation for a foreigner to have Ukrainian or Russian wife, but Slavic women have such a magic ability to keep strong family status, I mean they know exactly how to save relationship, but not to destroy them!

You cannot judge a book by its cover until read it!