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In order to decide if I should believe the following words, I had to look deeper into the question of medical education in Ukraine, read some articles and talk to my friends from Ukraine...

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Yesterday I noticed a young woman named, Anastasiya #4701, and her career indicated she is a pediatrician. Interesting because she is 22 years old, meaning she would have had to start medical school when she was 15. Hmmm, seems unlikely. A few months ago I saw a lawyer that was 20. So I wrote a message to the woman to ask how it’s possible to be a doctor at age 22.

Ukrainian medical students study for 7 years. In the middle of their studies, in their 3rd year, they choose a speciality. In other words, a person decides if he or she wants to become pediatrician, paramedic, endocrinologist etc. At this time the student is about 21 year old.

From this time students start their practice at various hospitals. They study and at the same time accomplish the easiest tasks in a hospital under auspices of their teachers. In some time young specialists start to accomplish more complicated tasks, and after 7 years of studying they become specialists with a certain experience who can work independently. That’s why is it quite possible that this girl Anastasia practices in a children hospital, as she had chosen pediatrics as her future profession.

Of course it was returned in minutes. I’m quite sure she never even knew she had a letter from me as a month or two ago UA Dreams admitted on this site that all their managers had been warned about me. That makes 35 letters in a row returned with no interest or explanation. Back in March, last year, I was getting response from about 50% of the letters I sent. Now 0%. UA Dreams said I was writting rude letters to women, I asked for examples, still waiting. They also admitted that I had never once bought any of their extremely high priced items. Sorry, I really have a problem paying $100 for $10 worth of flowers. They say that makes me not serious.

And as to returned e-mails… If a person constantly writes rude letters to girls, it is little wonder that girls don’t want to write him. It is just a normal human reaction...

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