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Love hopes and scam fails with Uadreams.

Oh my greetings to all of you guys who are reading me now and waiting impatiently any sign or any kind of news on a dating business.

Before we take the opportunity to speak about dating scam cases in particular this time it would be better to analyze pricing policy of UaDreams international dating agency first.

A very good person named Eugen shared his concerns with us, he was a member of many agencies and have been using Russian and Ukrainian dating services for 5 years. He visited Russia and Ukraine, he also mentioned that he knows russian very well so if there is any misunderstanding with his girl he is ready to use another language to have a talk balance. Indeed he asked us if this is good to pay for $6,99 for one letter to a lady to pay. And of course we promised him to look over.

trustful communication services on Uadreams

Actually one letter is really expensive to be paid such amount, so let’s think, 10 letters is about $70 and 100 - right the case if you keep the connection with a girl would cost about $700.. Sounds more than expensive and that scares away all potential members. Why do Uadreams uses such pricing policy? Where does the money go?

Uadreams explained us that they had foreseen such a questions and probably customer outflow, that is why they have special service for $6,99 - this is not the fee for one letter - this is a fee for a letter to be translated to a lady and her reply to be translated back. As you see, professional service of letters fast delivery through the website (regular technical support) and two professional translations. You know usually uadreams take 3 days maximum to accomplish this, so members are ready to receive a response very fast. Thus, the rate of response is almost 100%! You might think this is a scam however high level of translation and technical support provides very good position as for the agency to trust and to rely on. As you can see what you really pay for. Besides, as Uadreams added this is not the final price for those who are interested in constant conversations: such members are offered special unlimited packages per month for communication with one or with two ladies. This is very convenient if you know your lady good enough to continue talking. But due to scam tendency everywhere uadreams does not recommend to purchase this package right after registration without knowing ladies. Who knows, sometimes only time shows what is worth for. Here in the website lady can reject your letter with indication the reason or not. But as practice shows, Ukrainian ladies are very polite and they never leave a person without special attention even if there is no interest. This feature in Ukrainian women I like most. They are pretty much educated and well-bred.

Another point is about Johanson, who was embarrassed with the very high response rate - that fact made him curious about scam again as he cannot believe to be a very interesting person and popular to contact to. Thus he wanted us to specify what is really like to be a fresh-member of such a website.

So with great pleasure I’d like to talk about this point more detailed. As I and all of us of course see this situation is rather suspicious. You cannot be very popular for everyone and one cannot believe to be loved by everyone on the website, thus men do not trust such websites if they see high influx of letters from single Russian or Ukrainian women.  Usually websites who care about traffic and quantity of members provide them with the fastest relies, mainly deals with empty profiles. That is why I decided to specify this question within Uadreams platform. Indeed due to the lack of the men in Ukraine women are less luck to find a man of her dreams as they know that men are usually relax with it and feel confident in other half searching. Men always find a woman in Ukraine. But women changed here, they started to struggle for their happiness and they need any small possibility to find a fiancee. They do register with the single status in Uadreams, their documents are checked beforehand, they are real and they estimate each effort of the staff to help them to save time and to see as more male members as possible to get interested. That’s why if you may receive more than 12 letters from uadreams with good interest of your profile - that means only one thing - that’s OK. All those women take each chance, they send letters and this is you who decides to reject or to accept and keep talking. Cause it’s normal if you do not like from the first sight, you save the time for your interlocutor and increase his or her chances to get lucky with someone else.

no scam – Uadreams

Ukrainian women are family-oriented, smart and beautiful - but that causes many misunderstandings and confusing situations.

My turn to show you the letter of our next man:

“I believe that my uadreams girl is not serious to me with her intentions. I lost my hope just because of her last reject to my offer to help. I know that she has some problems with her health and I just wanted to help her financially, but today when we started to talk about that she changed the topic and never came back to it. I don’t understand what is going on with it? She just rejected the attempt of giving a helping hand of a person who really wants to do this. Could you please clarify if this is a typical for Ukrainian women?”

Uadreams answered yes, that’s typical behavior for Ukrainian women. But - for your luck, boy! Why? - Would you ask?

The answer is simple. - Just no scam to be offered to you with the independence, status and wisdom of Ukrainian women. They are family-oriented and educated that is why they know that many cases internet told have roots from the same scam strategy - a girl tells about her problem connected with money and a guy wants to help her and to send money via Western Union. Thereafter girl disappears and boy starts to report about dating scam or scam romance or whatever. So right to prevent men from being scammed Uadreams has approved their strategy as they said. Women do not like to speak about any financial problems with people they have never seen before. Of course probably they need that help, but they surely do not need any tricks with money and potential abuse in scam. They need to defend themselves as well as to have a guarantee.

Taking into consideration things above I have made some general tips for you to remember about how Uadreams’s performing their Anti-Scam Policy.

Keep in mind that no woman who has a profile in Uadreams would try to trick you out of money, no direct request or even hidden hint, as well as offering to exchange some personal information.

no scam – Uadreams

  • All necessary documents of ladies to be registered need special verification before to be approved. Staff cares about marital status and social network profiles correspond to the facts. That can be done monthly. Don’t be afraid if you suddenly noticed your woman on another website, let Uadreams check it (that can be old unclosed profile or maybe stolen information). As a rule agency does not recommend their members to have several profiles just for their personal security.
  • No email address or mobile or home phone number is to be offered before the first meeting in the uadreams agency. Sure regular monitoring gives a certain guarantee but it’s better to have your own head on shoulders before sharing some confidential info to a person you have never seen.
  • Uadreams is responsible for your meeting with a lady in Ukraine
  • All your questions, concerns or suggestions can be easily directed to Uadreams Members Support Center for immediate consideration or specific questions to investigate.
  • Uadreams is also responsible for their staff job, so if there is any theirs fault, guilty would definitely be found and measurements to be taken accordingly.

So I believe these blocks of information above had drown a picture for you what does scam smells like in Uadreams. Actually - no smell, no scam as you see. But if you really do feel it, let me know to warn others and stop this world wide online business disease.

UaDreams - scammers or a reliable service?

Russian and Ukrainian dating agencies are quite popular amongst Western men. Russian women are gorgeous. They are not spoiled by the anxious solicitude of Russian men. Traditional family values still remain a very important part of their perception of happiness and social comfort. Their urge towards happy family is so strong they are literally ready to go to the other part of the world. Furthermore, many of them prefer housekeeping and children's upbringing to building a career.

Unfortunately, Russia became infamous for numerous cases of online dating scam. There is much controversy about Russian dating web services. Partially, this is a result of the specific of the dating service. There is no agency that could guarantee successful matchmaking to all their customers, as much as they would like to do so. Simply because dating agencies do not sell wives. Some unfortunate customers write posts about dating scams. Unfair competitors post reviews against their business rivals. They use Internet technologies to produce negative reviews, synthesize automatic complaints to set up the scam face of the company.

In this article, I would like to review the major Ukrainian dating website There are lots of publications in the Internet about this web service. Get more Some bloggers write about uadreams scams, some claim to be satisfied happy clients. Who are right? Let us figure out.

The best way of evaluating something is trying to use it. It is my way! So I’m already typing in my name to register to – it is pretty easy and free of charge. After the registration, I am asked to answer some questions about my intentions, profession, education, my height, weight... the questions usually asked on dating sites. I do not have to answer all the questions, just some fields require submitting. So here we are. Let’s try to search a “lady of my heart”. Aha! It is a plenty of women on – I like many of them. Ukrainians are a beautiful nation, I guess. The personal pages of girls look very smart: girls’ brief stories, many pictures and, sometimes, videos. One girl, Olesya, is so beautiful. I cannot help myself not to send her a message.

By doing this I exhaust my daily limit of messages. So I have to pay: e-mails cost from $3.49 to $6.99 each one. Not cheap, but I do not need many for my check. Another lady, Anna, is somewhat older than Olesya, but not less gorgeous. Anna has imps in her eyes – maybe she is a cheater? Her story is simple: she is a part-time teacher of music and a private nanny. She has to work so much because she is alone and does have a son. Unless I do not have serious intentions, I still can say someone that they are nice, is it a fraud? Next day Anna thanks me for my compliment. I am trying to provoke her: “I’ve a private business, straightforward in relationship...” Then ask her about her living conditions, why is she searching for someone abroad. She explains in her answer that she has had a rich husband, but he is an authoritative man cruel for her son, and she appreciates freedom. She wants a better life for her son in a better country. A bit incoherent message, but doesn't look like scam.

The agency is working on its positive image. Some pages of their website are dedicated for the testimonials of their former customers. There is a page with stories about some of the international weddings of the members of It looks very convincingly, at least for me.

As a summary, I would say that does not look like a scammers’ website. It is a bit costly, but provides a full service package: chat and video chat with the interpreter’s assistance if needed, meetings with girls at their offices, organized trips to Ukraine. I am still an adherent of making acquaintances at bars and night clubs. But if you want international dating service for serious relationship, you can rely on their services.

Dating sites are the soft spot nowadays, they gained the position of the top ways of communication due to the easiness and the speed of building relationships of course. But multiple scams with single females caused a turmoil in the head of members who cannot be indifferent regarding exacerbating problems connected to some Ukrainian dating sites like Uadreams.

Uadreams youtube account gives success stories but indeed what is interesting here, these guys take my mind with the overall contrast of various reviews and feedback, fake or scammers not. I do not want to analyze positive reviews, though they have lots of sense for you to keep in mind what is good here. But, I promise you with have further possiblity to write down some pros and cons. Let’s try to uncover scam issues for instance.

Online payment does not include a guarantee of successful result or an insurance to save you from scammers. A fee of non-free websites like Uadreams - is not a promised success in relationships. It’s like you meet a girl in real life but you never know what this date would lead for and how much money will it cost! But you are able to be attentive, sensitive, educated and being able to analyse.

Here we have a comment about uadreams from one guy surfing through anti-scam forums:

“Uadreams is the last site I registered after so many scam fails. I have my girl, we are dating, I have her private contact and I must say, real not fake. Besides I have been a uadreams member for 1,5 year and met 4 girls there, we had real meeting of course. Once there were scammers there but agency investigated the case and offered me another match. Still that girl is working in uadreams or maybe she’s fake and I cannot recommend this agency with some scams.” - no scam

I do like messages about Uadreams). A man spent his time to sit and find some forums to hit attentive audience with this twisting truth and bright words about Uadreams scammers. The issue he described is questionable due to the fact that this man accepts his success with the agency. He is happy now, he contacts his lady personally and agency does not interfere into their relationships. (Due to uadreams anti-scam policy male and female members if they like each other should meet in the agency first and afterwards they can communicate without third party). He does not indicate the issue itself, however  know many cases when men from abroad abuse Ukrainian women using their world scam reputation.

We investigated this issue with the Uadreams stuff and that turned to us with the other side. This man was going to visit his girl (now ex-girl), she got her plans according to his promises but his arrival had been postponed but this romantic guy. Thus a lady got a chance to trip with her college friends. Suddenly a man decided to come and requested for a quickest assistance regarding the trip to Kiev. Of course lady refused to meet as she got flight tickets to Egypt, plans and all. A man abused and blamed her and blamed Uadreams of course for having such fake girls and intentions. He was considering HER to be guilty, to be of scammers but not him. That is what modern men think of Ukrainian single ladies.

Well, there should be someone who is able to defend them. So Uadreams dating agency has the best non-scam structure who does not afraid to face with such difficulties. However their tactic and etiquette allowed to resolve the issue in their best way, even offering different match to this man.

Some sophisticated speculations are revealed here: this man shares his concerns about his beloved woman as well as uadreams scammer! Or that hit my mind.

OK, people. Let’s speak about trust for online services. Did anyone really think about what is written in the advertisement? Should we believe in our conceivable way or it’s just a group of deceivers or quirky scammers? What is the base of your trustful attitude to the dating agency for example? How do you verify the truth? To my mind, we get our personal experience, taking into account our logic and common sense, being considerable during the process.

For me the case is simple: you can try but verify first. Another message came across my topic. You are lucky to read it and to check the matter.

“My experience was to be a member of several dating companies of Ukraine. And what I must say, some of them kept in my mind with overcharging policy. Indeed I did not expected something like that, you plan to communicate, to come and visit your lady in Ukraine, and in every single opportunity they scam you as best as they can. Do you know what is overprized? My bill was so high like my trip to Ukraine was made of gold, i lived in very expensive hotel, I mention expensive interpreter and transfer. So guys you’d better choose a good agency to pay around $20-30 monthly for membership plus they give you direct contact to a lady or email address. There is no need to oversit on merry-go-round with silly promises.”

I don’t have a purpose to hurt someone with my strict words or do not accept them like abusing. But.. how come.. how is it possible to find a good respectable company of international dating services for $20-30 per ONE month!? Are you joking? Ok, overcharge, that can be. But you are able to do all preparations for your visit by yourself only and to take care of all expenses. But if you rely on the third party’s deal, you must pay for their job. Right? Like you pay for post office or online delivery. Whatever. If this boy recommends such a cheap agencies, why didn’t he named them? Or why still people do not get some Bentleys for free? I’d like one for me too. Next thing I do not accept: this man considers the idea of purchasing personal contact with the monthly membership really good and safe. And he also think that too expensive online dating is scammership. Where is the logic? Hit me twice! And then they keep using the website of non-free agency even after getting the contact of the lady. So where we came for? I think here is a little discrepancy.

Since when the payment for service is considered to be a scam? Even within the process of purchasing a mobile phone you will be offered to buy a headset, a phone case, to wrap it perfectly or anything else - you accepted this offer like a high level of service shop. But in case you refuse to order all of that you won’t rush and spread this like a scam everywhere, I think. So what is about Uadreams? People just do their job like in a mobile shop and offering additional orders, do not mix that with scammers. They are the dating agency and they receive money they deserve.

“As for mailings, I got too much from each online shop I’m a member of. That is really disturbing me. However people just do their job and I must confess sometimes I get really important info from these letters as well (about special offers and discounts). Once I ‘ve missed very good one and I regret to fail. So probably those mailing agents have salaries from that, like agents of Topshop or pharmacies, or concert halls events. I have nothing against this. Let them feel free with working good.”

You are able to unsubscribe from mailings as well. No one is forcing you to feel uncomfortable with clearing your spam and junk folder.

Next point. If it’s easy to exchange with direct contacts, phone numbers or emails with girls on free sites that are also “reputable, trustful and presentable”, so how come members of those still register on expensive fee-paid international matchmaking agency like uadreams, where exchanging of personal information is strictly prohibited till their first meeting? You have some sincere info to my mind with pleasanties here:

That’s impossible to understand, one man cannot trust one website to be expensive and at the same time he isn’t afraid to use agency with scammers (still he is aware about that!), besides, I cannot see if he recommends or not. His irrelevant point of view confused me a lot. I have a question for him: what if he didn’t find his beloved there? What if his fortune left him? Is there any guarantee that this man could give any positive feed back about Uadreams?

Supposedly it’s very easy to be judgemental and have some subjective points of view, and they can influence to the ones of others. Those people who are about to register on some suspicious as the may seem website but do not have enough proof to refuse that crazy idea. Then they find some reports like this one and leave the idea of search their person though the internet.

So I think only personal experience and strong mind would be able to help with making the right choice. A person should be educated and prepared for everything. Not for bad only. If you get only negative, you think negatively. That cannot give the result of successful dating, unfortunately.

Sure many singles are too desperate, they refuse to keep their searches. They almost post an advertisement in magazine on in free online area, besides, social networks allow that too. No necessary to pay for registration. However we have statistics, each year thousands of single men and women register on dating sites, keep their untrust to agencies but try their luck. With no arguments of their distrust, with some personal offence, lost hopes or at least with the last try of fee-paid successful approach. - no scam

We come close to another review:

“One scam woman hit me on UADreams. Almost hooked me. Firstly we met on one free site and then her profile there had been removed and soon I got an invitation to Uadreams. As previously we were communicating I did not mind to contact her again so I accepted to pay for each new letter to her (obviously I had one for free). Uadreams profile was created professionally with new pictures of new photoshooting and additional data I’ve never seen before. So I see that i was hooked with being in touch with this girl before, they act like each airline company: once you’ve interested they increase the flight price with each new enter on the page. Thus I mean the communication with her became really expensive on, letters and video chat. I call that to be baited by UAdreams, they hit you from others websites, free ones.”

I wonder why on Earth this man decided to escape from that website to non-free one even for one lady? He did that by himself. He started to pay in Uadreams but considered after that he was scammed. It seems to me that it’s difficult for me to determine the exact period of time when such decision come to the head of such people. Maybe from the very beginning of the registration moment, or payment process start, or from the first thought of dating online.. When all thoughts come across their mind that conclusion is scam, abuse and fraud. “I mustn’t buy MY relationship for ME!”

There is nothing to add: no need to register and to spend any dollar for that. Really. No scam agency, no scammers at all. Just don’t do that)

By the way, I cannot understand why mentioned above uadreams female profile is called fake. If I’m not mistaken fake is the person that represents someone another. Or something. Or anything. Or a bot. But taking into account that information we got from this man, the girl he described, was that woman he knew. And he WAS chatting with her on To cut the long story short to be fake is determined by the place of communication. What if this girl moved to other sity? Would it be another fake?

Next paradox I see on this situation. Like someone gave a new breath for the same one-side game. But here we come again to the side of females. OK, I know that scam notion appeared suddenly and quickly due to some tricks of women of course. This is a manner, established practice. But this does not mean that all of them are to be like this. Mostly dating websites are places with members, male and female, they are single and they want to find their other halves. Women also want to believe, to hope, to love and to be loved. Both sides have the common purpose however complaints come only from the man’s side. I know that men-scammers meet also across dating world. Such men never come to meet a lady. They give promises but never do anything except sending romantic and hopeful messages. I know that stories from Uadreams.

Really, I meet just a few uadreams complaints from women just because they never surf Sitejabbers or Trustpilots and other international resources. And if they were failed with a man of their dreams - who is the interlocutor and a helping hand for them? I think they just do not have anyone to share their concerns with. To explain a problem means to accept the problem - a fail that they do not know how to find a man in Ukraine, and that is why they look for someone abroad. Mentally Ukrainian women do not want someone know about their failures. Here in this country all people talk loudly about success and no one complains. Besides she doesn’t want anyone of her surroundings to find her on some international matchmaking agency. This is definitely the fact about postsoviet women.

I tried to find something in Russian language on forums but I found nothing. And the fact is that there is no data for uadreams collaborating with other agencies or hunting girls for job. To my mind Uadreams apply girls to their website manually. You know what I mean?

And I continue with men who start their communication with a lady on one website, then he decides to go to another one to keep communicating with the same lady. However he keeps dating on several sites, I remember men used to keep that in mind while searching single Ukrainian women. And they keep this fact as a secret. One website has his profile named Jordan, another one - KhightXX, the third one - Mr.Definitely. Besides, we know that he can personate himself as not only one man, but three different ones. Take this into account.

It’s interesting though what average amount is better for a one month payment: $20-80 per one month or probably one-time payment of $100? One can find the cheapest dating agency with a good reputation and use professional services they offer. For instance, social networks are on a free base - you are able to exchange personal data and do not go anywhere at all, sit in your arm chair, create a family and feel the biggest romantic atmosphere through the monitor. The simplest and the cheapest way. How do you think does anyone mention scam here? Who would be that person whose fault can be in case of fail?

Thus it’s you who would make some conclusions.

People use complicated notions concerning building up relationship. Thus a man likes the idea that someone helps him to assist in his sophisticated process as this third party can hold the responsibility. For example in our case this is Uadreams company. They assist, they interfere, they promised and they failed. “They did everything to commit the most negative attitude to dating online as I cannot accept this fault by myself. This is not me, who is wrong, this is not me, who this girl does not interested. This is the third party, I paid money and they are responsble for my future, my life, my love and success” - most people think. It’s too expensive, the chat is not convenient, there is no way to send letters for free on uadreams, there is no choice in gifts and flowers, no possibility to send deliveries, this is a complete scam, fake women, bad profiles, too much Photoshop and etc. Unsatisfied men doesn’t take the responsibility, it’s better for them to “give the lie into agency’s throat”. They are anxious but embarrassed with desperate state of being lonely.

I think the problems is deeply psychological, men should recover, they must know what they want, what they search for, they must see carefully and analyse what they see. They should calculate and compare what expenses they are ready to spend for the third party service. They should be ready for online match at least! The problem is that not all those men realize that they need to come and see his bride in Ukraine, far from his place and really expensive event. This is serious as well as she (Ukrainian woman) focuses on her wish to come somewhere when a man asks the agency to let her to come to HIS place. Does this woman has any guarantees? NO. Poor woman has never seen him:))

The main idea of this message - scam makes serious harm not only to human feelings, people’s savings but to the whole dating business itself like Uadreams feels that and human attitude to each other.

UA Dreams: No Interest? Scam?

Hello Chris,

I should say that I am so happy to be here and at least find the cosy page for sharing my concerns about the matter. You are almost the only one lady who decided to start the blog about dating scam in Russia and Ukraine, about websites and agencies, their professional level. That touched my heart and I am here. Hope to leave a message for all these people who read this. I  need to start with my dating on

I think I have been a member of this agency for 1-1,5 years. During all this time I had various relationship, from good to bad, but all of them ended. Just finished on the stage of communication on the website. I started with one pretty lady on brides, she was so nice with me that at first I felt confused so as she considered me handsome and perfect man for her. We talked much each day, and once I found that earlier she had a profile on one site and lately I found her in uadreams. Well, she stopped talking with me on free site and replied that she was glad to see me there. Of course if I mailed her to the private email address, she ignored as well.

Probably this was weird, I thought and being honest I tried to reject all my conclusions about professional scam. Normally girls like she is work on the agencies, they lure men from free dating sites to non-free, just like uadreams. I hope that men who read my post will understand what they may feel if they act stupidly, if they trust.

I cannot understand, even if you pay money, you are not secured from 100% scam!

You try using their services, and they are happy, but no one cares about your sincere feelings. I do not recommend this website for dating, I expect all people who doubt stay away from them and from those beautiful girls who just do their job.

The life vibes and you can find your happiness with no money limits, being safe. Be careful and verify what you are using. Thank you for your help and for sharing my thoughts.




Dear Mirik,

You won’t believe but I am so appreciate you liked my blog To be honest, this is a tons of work I’ve done before and I do every day. That is why it is very important for me to get a feedback from my audience. This time I posted a material about and it is efficient to know if my information was really useful.

Various scam forums offered lots of info to sort it out, and I decided to do that here. The case is people sent many negative and positive facts about uadreams, and I’ve notices that they have some common features, just like you have one of the problem I want to eliminate.

One of the point to consider is that uadreams dating agency posts stolen information about the lady, create fake profiles and certainly girl is unaware about this. Someone from  the agency staff monitores the communication with the client, makes translation and that’s all. However we can see here one thing: they have live video chat, with a webcam and you may see a real girl there. That is why it is difficult to prove if they make fake profiles indeed.

The second thing is your woman is a professional scammer who makes everything in the most intelligent and sensitive way. She, as many many others, creates many profiles on different dating sites and catch western men to sign up the Moreover, they receive good commission for that, so if she asks you, most probably she would do that with other men too.

By all means she would tell you about language problem as the main reason and of course she will ignore you privately.

I don’t know what advice to give you, but if you still intend to find a woman from Ukraine, you need to try free Ukrainian or Russian dating websites. I give them below”


As you see, you may try them free of charge, no one will force you to pay money. If you do not like them you may leave any time.

Speaking about social networks, you may try them for online dating as well, there you may try to find slavic women. However, there are some difficulties you may experience. One of them is language problem: the vk social network is projected for Russian population, no one would expect such a great popularity in other countries, still people who speak Russian use it most of all. That is why women registered there do not use English for communication. If you know Russian - go ahead and use your chance. Another difficulty is a low response rate. You should not be surprised or desperate if you receive no message after 10 attempts to get in touch with women. Just imagine how many single men and women look for each other at the same time! If you use such platforms you need to be patient!

And never forget about scammers. They do earn money on non-free dating sites, but there is no full guarantee about free platforms, so you should be careful and attentive.




I’ve got the information and everything seems very clear. Could you please elaborate the uadreams scam issue? This point must be veeery interesting for many others. I’d like to see more reviews and real facts about scam risk in uadreams. Thank you very much for you intentions and respectful attitude!


Hello Chris,

I am just one of the thousands of other men who had negative experience in dating online and would like to post some words about it here. Your blog is amasing. Indeed I am not fond of such popularity as being shared and all, however may be such post would come in handy. I think this is true about working in dating websites professionally, they have stable and good salary and they know how to build a future in Ukraine. If you hope take them to move to your place, this could be a question.

I used to pay a lot on dating websites, but when I did that randomly in uadreams they cut my girl's online status. And whenever I wanted to see her she was offline. Supposedly she was talking with another man the same time.

Newton Automn

No jokes, really, with my essential experience for all of you. Probably everything started long time ago, may be eight years ago. But I had many bad and good cases to remember. I felt like I am trying to count how many times I have been scammed. You can’t unscramble scrambled eggs, however I managed to do this regularly. I visited many antiscam pages where I left million of comments about russiandating, anastasiadate and uadreams. Speaking about uadreams, I cannot remind something terrible, I just could not afford their expensive services. It is important to buy lots of minutes to chat with lady because this is terribly expensive!! Vk is an interesting website, built for your previously, but lately, adults started use it for dating purposes as well. But as far as I do not know russian language I failed with this platform as well. Probably it is better to find someone in the street, in the bar or elsewhere rather you drop hundreds of dollars per month. Still I do not know how it is possible to be addicted at first letter. So people do not be deeply stupid with your dating behavior, make some exercise outside!


I wish you could save your ass from scam indeed. If you still use UADreams, they are 100% scammers, go run away right now! You will have your heart and wallet empty very fast and professionally. If you continue with that activity, you feel no self-respect. The truth is that you pay lots of money from you budget for nothing. Well yes, you get professional translation, professional services, but in the end no one agrees to meet with you or to marry you. YOu seems to have nothing in common or no chemistry. I am sad to make you frustrated with saying that you, mahn, will have no future with online dating. Dating rules are severe and you will regret to lose values and principles with sensual manipulating.

But westerns register and sign up again. They do the same thing each year. And women know that and understand the profit, they lure members as clients for having their money. Scammers use feelings to sell online services and take other money for everything, for hard life situation, for a disease, for ticket and trip, and etc. Young girls contact men on other websites and bring them to that one they are working for. The job is not easy and it is definitely not boring! You have to be a very professional, a very skilled scammer to keep a man for several months fallen in love with yourself on a distance, can you believe that?

I recommend you to watch some videos on youtube about uadreams scam or other dating sites, that’s good they have being updating all the time, so you may see the benefit of being warned. All of women from ukrainian dating websites are professional scammers with many years experience. Non-free dating websites have a high responses rate, but that means the only thing - the do not need you, they do a good storming of new members. They need them on a hook, a perfect scam.

The commission goes from each service a man is purchasing, so as many he will buy, as many money she would receive and be encouraged to do that more intensively. Anyway, if your relationship will come to the point of real visit to the agency, don’t be stupid. She will not marry you, she will find something important that won’t stuit both of you, or no chemistry. She would be different when you will see her for the first time in your life, you will smell and probably you will like her. But she would be distinct, cold and indifferent.

This is a nice trick for young girls, they teach how to catch foreign men. Afterwards they turn into experienced women-scammers.

I see, that people from Ukraine and Russia adore to lie, to trick and to rip people off. They do not like to think, to do serious job, to earn money, they seek for better way of money extracting.

That is difficult to believe, but it is better to know the truth and to be prepared to the worst. Unless you understand that nothing good will be in dating online. If you still have doubts, probably it will be perfect to watch something special about scam here:


Hello, Chris. I am so grateful to you for being sincere with all of us around. You spend your personal time and attention to search some useful information in those endless review and reports about scam in Ukraine. And I want to believe you and I want to believe that everything will be perfect with my destiny. I want to confess that I am searching for a wife from Ukraine. Yes, I think this variant is the best one for marriage. In spite of all those things about ukrainian or russian scam I want to have beautiful, smart, intelligent and elegant wife, who appreciates her family. This is important for me and I hope that not all of them are such type bad ladies you were describing above.

Romeo Dogez

Additionally, about scam facts you will stuck on that definitely. Go ahead and educate yourself here:

It is important to synchronize the technological development with scam development as well. Don’t be too naive.


Maybe you should try to change your inherent lifestyle?

Maybe it is better to go to gym, to fond of sports, to start changes with a new hobby and to be an interesting person for yourself, than for others at first? How do you think? Who knows, probably you will escape from online communication and will be able to get rid of cruel scam in your life.

Black K O

Wow, you have many comments here. Let me write something too. You know the truth is that women never confess that they are not single. They do have boyfriends, I’ve seen that on social network websites. But they work for dating agencies like single unmarried girls who search their foreign love. Oh so alone, so alone.. Do not be a scam victim. Do not use popular scam websites, sure they lure you with perfect photos of young sweet women, but try to find a good reputable website with real women, who are single and are interested in you, not in your money.


Hey people, you know that you are perfect? I see that the public is ready to read my longread with some negative words about dating online, in particular uadreams website. Probably I am too sarcastic, however I think this helps me to survive after so many years of sophisticated professional and perfectly pleasant scam.

I’ve read so much about dozen most popular dating websites of ukraine that i faced with several ones like brides and anastasiadate and others. Uadreams got me for couple of years. I was like stuck on them by convenient approach to their members.

I’ve got six relationship and two of them supposed to be very serious for me, but just for me. Not for a girls. The problem is that they had boyfriends whom I found on vk social platform. That were simple photos of holding each other closely, and when I asked about that, they refused everything but the photos have been removed after our talk. I forwarded my complaint to uadreams management and support and I was told that the issue have been investigating. But although they removed one girl’s profile, the profile of another girl remained. I requested to do that, but rejected with a reason that girl is engaged with many chats with other members so they are not able to remove her from the system, It would be unfair.

Alina from Poltava was very nice and I found myself that I fell in love very slowly but strongly and I started to trust her. And actually I was preparing my two weeks trip to Poltava, to observe some cities, probably hoping to do that together and she did not mind. She told me that she arranged her vacations on work position, so she was free to spend those days with me. Instead, When I came, she was so cold and different like that was the person I got divorced! Haha! Really..

She told me that we have nothing in common that she considered me different, completely another person I was through the internet. And so did I. I thought - she was not my girl. She was probably one of their staff. She was at work! She wanted my money via buying services, minutes for chat, gifts, perfumes, packages, photos, movies, everything!

I cannot say that something different I got with my next relationship. Lesya was sweet, but also had a boyfriend as well. What a crap! Vk is so friendly platform, and all people can watch private albums even if you are not a friend.

Uadreams did refused to believe, I got no proof, I got no photos as she removed afterwards.

Shame on me, I was blamed twice!

Speaking about video chat problems, I mean technically. If you guys think that there is something wrong with your device, nono. This is their rules of chatting, the problem is in them, not in you. Video chat allows for a girls to speak with several men at the same time and if a translator, who is only one, can hold this perfectly, she would continue. Sometimes you wonder why she repeats a phrase so many times like she did not hear and asked about internet connection. That is just because she was speaking with someone else.

If you have several girls to chat from one branch, be sure, they got discussed you already. Another girl has all details about you and certainly personal approach.

If you come to the agency, don’t be afraid not to see their billboard, they do not have them. Who knows, probably they hide not to pay taxes or something. You can ask them about that.

Something weird is about this uadreams guys. I decided to proceed a very short experiment about online communication in a private form: I removed myself from the system but beforehand I found all those ladies in vk and facebook. Ok? So, I sent them invitations to add me as a friend, and you know what? I was blocked immediately. And I know why. They do not want to speak with me on a free basis.

I can’t say that these guys do anything. They explained me some stuff about antiscam and, but I understood nothing. Their women are real, photos are real, images during a video chat is real, if come to the agency, women are real too. But that is all you have. Scam case is that you can write, you can hear, you can smell, but you cannot touch or taste. Is that clear for you now?

Sure they are popular nowadays, they run business many years and they are famous abroad, so westerns keep coming to agency, to sign up, to meet, to buy services. I see, some of them are lucky. But the way of scamming is perfect!

Go to Ukraine alone, with no managers and help, you may find everything in the internet and find many beautiful Ukrainian women on the street. No one knows if they work in the dating agency, but you may ask. Probably they know English)

You have to be a powered man, to take such a woman from the country she feels so good, with nice job and salary.

Be attentive, and keep your eyes opened.


My Olga from Lutsk was magnificent, she scammed me so easily. We started contacting on a free website but then she sent me the last message and skipped to uadreams and gave me a hint that I may find her there.

Hey, be alarmed with such websites like Once you start with one paid letter, she will do everything very sweet to make you pay for the second one. And if you pay not so often, video chat label would be sometimes changed into offline. So follow the advices above. You are so clever but they are cleverer!


Scam, 100%, I sent her my email, and paid for many letters but they removed my email from the letter. They told me they never sell the contacts. Even if I spent hundreds of dollars.. This is not fear.