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Men and women called the most unpleasant types of people for the relationships

Twitter users began to list the types of men and women which they hate. Bloggers make short lists with different items that are unacceptable for them.

Bloggers make short lists of unpleasant people for the relationships

On July 1st user _1dashadasha published her "Top 5 guys who you need to stay away from", including the worst types of people for the relationships. In her opinion, they are jocks, rappers, bloggers, men without sense of humor and owners of the smartphones on Android. But user I_Waclav joked writing that, “Unfortunately, the guys with the iPhone have already had guys.”

Users began to add the items to the list. Seryogaveliz admitted the need to include vapers and gamers. Others suggested to add DJs, hockey players and skaters as candidates to the list.

After that other users of the social network began to share their own tops. As the result there was a list of "Girls who you need to stay away from." It includes all, without exception, girls with the iPhone. According to one blogger, the owner of the iPhone can not be saved even by a good sense of humor. Brokesavad joked that the guys should avoid only one type of girls – the ones who “have this list of the guys,” meaning jocks, rappers, bloggers, men without sense of humor, and, of course, the owners of Android smartphones.

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